1 | Description

A role provides the ability to categorize users that permissions governing data access, business rule automation and page information access can be accessed across whole groups of people.  Users can have multiple roles and roles can be managed within the context of a solution.

Pessimistic role selection

Where a user holds more than one role, the role with the most restrictive - or least number of - permissions is the one that the user access will be evaluated against.

2 | Navigating to Roles

To access Roles, navigate to User Management > Roles from the left hand navigation menu (or select Roles directly from the left side of the page):

3 | Roles Tab

The Roles tab will list all the roles currently defined within the tenancy no matter which solution they are tied to.  The following information is displayed for each role:

RoleThe name of the role including - in brackets - the solution that the role was created.
DescriptionA description of the role as entered by the developer when creating/updating the role.
Last ModifiedDate and name of the person who last modified the role record.
CreatedDate and name of the person who created the role record.

The following actions are available:

Screen Icons



Prints the current page



Opens the Help Window

List Actions



Exports data to an Excel file



Refreshes the list

Hide quick help

Hides the shaded yellow quick help area


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