1 | Description

Groups are a collection of users and other groups with common traits. Groups can also be assigned to roles.

2 | Navigating to Groups

Navigate to User Management > Groups and a tab will appear showing a list of current groups within the tenancy:

3 | Groups Tab

The Groups tab will list all the groups currently defined within the tenancy no matter which solution they are tied to.  The following information is displayed for each group:


Lists the actions available for each group such as delete, edit and assignment. 

Group NameThe name of the group.
DescriptionA description of the group as entered by the developer when creating/updating the group.
Last ModifiedDate and name of the person who last modified the group record.
CreatedDate and name of the person who created the group record.
API CodeThe unique API Permanent ID for the group.

The following actions are available for groups:

Screen Icons



Prints the current page



Opens the Help Window

List Actions

Multiple Delete


Deletes multiple groups.

  1. Select the groups to be deleted
  2. Click With Selected Do
  3. Select Delete
New Group

Creates a new group



Exports the list to an Excel file



Refreshes the list

Row Actions


Opens the group detail form for editing


Allows you to assign specific roles to the group

Allows you to assign specific users to the group


Deletes a group

Search Actions

Search for the term entered in the search text field
Clear Search

Clear the text entered in the search text field
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